Hello world! An Introduction from a Fit Farm Girl!

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It feels a bit nerve-wrecking to hit ‘publish’ on this very first blog post. I’ve wrestled with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time, and while I’m excited, I’m equally terrified of sharing parts of my life so openly on the Internet.

This first blog post, in particular, has been difficult to write.

Truth be told, I’ve sat down to write this inaugural entry at least a dozen times, but every time the “right” message seems to evade me.

You see, I want to write something with enough intrigue to warrant people’s attention, with enough originality to not sound like a cliché, and with enough oomph & content to actually be of value to my future readers.

While words have always been somewhat of a fascination to me (I majored in Communication Studies during my first undergrad), I fully understand that the written word is somewhat of a dying art- unable to keep pace with the bells and whistles known to social media.

Still, I am committed to writing because their are parts of my story that I want to share with others.

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So first things first, allow me to introduce myself- I am nothing but a complicated combination of contradictions!

  • I am dairy farmer, yet I was not born into the lifestyle nor did I touch my first cow until I was almost thirteen years of age; Most days I’m make-up free and in constant need of a shower, but come date-night I still enjoy a LBD and my favorite pair of heels…
  • I am a homebody, yet fortunate enough to have witnessed this world from a number of different countries, continents, and cultures. I credit much of those experiences to my extreme sense of independence, for I truly believe that traveling, especially, while young & alone is one of the best means in realizing just how capable you really are- but that’s another blog post for another day…
  • I am a career student, having attended school at three different Universities and two Community Colleges over the last eight years, yet I remain passionately curious for I realize that the knowledge unknown to me is still vast…
  • And, I am a Certified Personal Trainer that is passionate about anything + everything as it relates to health + fitness, but I still like to make time to enjoy a fun girls’ night out.

Now, while I admittedly have much to figure out with this blogging thing, here’s what you can expect to see from me:

  • I want to share my passion for healthy, sustainable living with other busy women in this world.
  • I want to connect with women who share my same passion for enjoying a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying life.
  • I want to discuss not just health as it relates to the physical body, but I want to open up the conversation to discuss topics like mental health + women’s wellness.
  • And of course, I want to do that while having fun + sharing amusing stories that spread hope + a little cheer in this often negative Internet world.

I’d love for you to stick around as this journey unfolds! I’d love it even more if you introduced yourself in the comments below!

Here to support YOU,

XO- Britney (ms.fit.farmer)

Hello world! An Introduction from a Fit Farm Girl!
Britney Zondlak

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Just a small-town gal with a passion for fitness + health- Using my little corner of the Internet to spread light and positive vibes. It is my mission to encourage all women to step into the best-version of themselves possible. After all- you deserve it, girl!

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