4 Simple Strategies That Will Put You Back In Control of Your Fitness Journey

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So you’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon …again.

You had good intentions this time around. And you were sure that you’d actually achieve your weight loss goals. 

But then life got in the way and suddenly you fell back to using your old, comfortable habits- you know, the ones that created your desire to lose weight in the first place…

Right about now, you’re feeling frustrated + anxious; you’re a little disappointed that you couldn’t muster the willpower to actually achieve your fitness goals, and you’re likely wondering: what happens next?

Do you just give up? Do you accept your fate + get comfortable living as you are right now- because it may in fact, be too hard for you to bring change into your life?

If you’re feeling stuck in a fitness rut, overwhelmed and a little uninspired to make progress with your health-related goals, keep reading, my friend!

In this blog post I’m sharing with you the exact strategies you need in order to take back control of your fitness journey!

Personal Trainer holding dumbbell sharing tips on how to take back control of your fitness journey

Step 1 to Take Control of Your Fitness Journey: Focus on What’s In Your Direct Control

The number one reason that we often feel stuck when it comes to our weight loss progress is because we choose to focus on items that are actually outside of our control.

Now, I’m sure we would all love to believe that we are in the driver’s seat of our life every single step of the way. And if you’re like me, then you’d love if everything worked out exactly as you have it pictured in your mind.

I mean wouldn’t life be great if things always worked out like we wanted them to?

The reality is, we only have control over our own personal thoughts + actions. Beyond that, we may exude a certain influence over situations or circumstances of our life, but we don’t have complete + direct control in those areas.

And so when we focus our energy on trying to control something that is quite literally out of our control, we can’t help but feel hopeless or feel victim to the circumstances of our life- especially when things don’t work out in our favor.

And when we fall into those places where we are hopeless, that’s often the point where we throw our hands up in the air and say “that’s it!”, “I’m through!”, “I give up!”, “this is too hard!”, “it’s not worth it!”…

…all these negative thoughts race through our heads and it creates even more resistance for us as we try and pursue our goals.

So the first step in taking back control of our fitness journey is to shift our perspective and our focus onto things that fall directly within the limits of our control.

Let me give you some examples to help illustrate what I’m talking about here.

You see, you may not be able to control how other’s perceive you- whether or not your friends + family support your decision to lose weight, but you CAN control who you share your time with.

Quite simply, you can choose to spend less time with friends (and even family members) who don’t support the goals you have for yourself in this phase of your life.

You may not be able to control how certain situations make you feel at work- you know, when you have an awful day, nothing goes your way + you need to blow off some steam…

However, you CAN control how you respond to those situations: do you self medicate with a couple glasses of wine and a healthy dose of Netflix after work, or do you take your aggression out in the gym with a workout?

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Personally, for me, one of the biggest challenges I face when it comes to my fitness routine is overcoming the effects the weather can have on my energy levels.

I’ll be honest, I can’t control how the weather makes me feel – but here’s the thing I can control: when I workout.

So yes, I actually shift the time of my workout depending on the season that we’re in.

I know that if I’m outside a lot during the winter (I’m a farm girl by day) that by the time I come home and take a warm shower, my body is spent. There is absolutely no way that I am changing into workout clothes and getting a workout in.

So instead, I choose to workout in the mornings during the colder months and I tend to workout out later in the afternoon in the warmer months.

Remember, you get to set the rules for what works for your lifestyle.

Fitness is not black and white. There is no right or wrong way to do things- the only question is “what works for your life?” and “what doesn’t?”…

And when you shift your perspective to focus on things you can change, you’ll feel less like a victim and more in control of the things that happen in your life.

Step 2 to Take Control of Your Fitness Journey: Re-Work Your To-Do List

It’s easy it is to feel overwhelmed by an over-loaded to-do list.

From the moment we start our day, our minds are racing just thinking about all the items that we have to check off our to-do list.

And when we are in this perpetual state of busy, it becomes easy to lose sight of why we’re doing all the things that we’re trying to accomplish in the first place.

We get to a point where we feel like we’re just spinning our wheels. We’re ‘doing’, ‘doing’, and ‘doing’ without understanding why; and often, we’re left feeling as though we haven’t made any progress.

And when we become frustrated with all that we have ‘to-do’, it’s easy to push our fitness goals aside. We discontinue our workouts + healthy routines; we promise to revisit these tasks another day, when we have “more time”.

So how do we exert more control over our healthy to-do’s? The answer is that we have to rethink the way we write our to-do list.

Seriously, writing a to-do list is the easiest thing in the world. We all have this overflowing list of items that never seem to get all the way done.

When we’re busy, we often lose sight as to WHY we are doing such things- which reduces the importance of these activities.

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, and more importantly, over worked, it’s easy to drop those items off of our to-do list that appear insignificant.

I’m sure you do it (I do it often as well), you write down things like “exercise” or “grocery shop for healthy foods” on your to-do list. But when you feel pressed for time, you pass over those items because you think forget their importance. You think to yourself “I’ll just put it off until tomorrow”.

That’s fine every one in a while, but when we continually put off those items, we continually delay the progress of our fitness journey. And it’s because of this delay that we start to believe that maybe it’s not in the cards for us to lose weight.

The key to actually following through with those healthy tasks on your to-do list is to remind yourself of the reason behind the action.

Remind yourself of the intention that lives behind the actual task.

When you do this, you’ll be more likely to follow through with your task rather than write it off as unimportant when you’re in a crunch and looking for things to knock off your list.

So again, let me use an example: instead of writing down “workout”, which I know so many women do, write something to the effect of “workout so that I feel less stressed when I come home from the office” or “workout so that I can feel like ‘me’ again” or “workout so that I can increase my endurance to complete that 5k next month”.

Give yourself a reason so strong that it becomes nearly impossible for you to bail on yourself!

You’re reminding yourself of the outcome so you’ll be less inclined to skip the action- this my friend, is such a simple yet amazingly powerful strategy!

What most women find over time is that they’ve been dedicating too much time to tasks that are simply insignificant to the goals that they have for their life.

Time is a limited resource, so deciding to spend time on tasks that are truly important is a critical step in making progress not only on your fitness journey but in life in general.

Step 3 to Take Control of Your Fitness Journey: Make it Enjoyable

Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that losing weight is easy- it takes effort and it IS work. However, weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated.

You see, I think we often build up the narrative in our head that weight loss has to be complicated in order to be effective.

In part, I think we do this because we don’t want to believe that becoming healthy is a straightforward process.

We want to believe that improving our health is extremely complicated because it gives us a sort of relief; it gives us an excuse as to why we’re not at the place we want to be when it comes to our fitness goals.

We spend a lot of time trying to research “the best way to lose weight” and “the best diet for quick fat loss”. We get so caught up in trying to lose weight or improve our health the “right way” that we forget: the right way is what works best for us.

If your friend lost twenty pounds doing the Keto Diet and getting her butt kicked in hour long kickboxing class each week, that’s great! Celebrate her success! BUT if the thought of giving up carbs makes you want to hunker in the fetal position and cry, then maybe Keto isn’t the diet for you.

That’s alright. You can still achieve the same results by utilizing different methods. That’s the beauty of finding a health and fitness program that works for you.

When you find a health and fitness plan that you actually enjoy- you find less reason to resist the changes that you are trying to bring into your life.

And with less resistance you actually make more progress toward your fitness goals, which in turn helps you feel more in control of how your body looks and feels.

So maybe you’re not quite sure what works for you or what sort of things you enjoy. My encouragement for you is to try different things: try new styles of eating, or ways of moving your body and THEN make a decision as to what feels good.

Only after you try different courses of action will you have the knowledge to know what types of things you actually enjoy.

And don’t worry, I promise you that you can’t possibly mess this thing up! So stop worrying about taking the wrong action within your fitness journey and just take action.

Step 4 to Take Control of Your Fitness Journey: Seek Support

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut that is beyond your ability to get out of on your own then don’t be shy about reaching out for help.

Often as women we feel the need to do everything on our own. We don’t want to reach out to others for help or guidance.

But I want to let you in on a little secret: I wasn’t born into this world a fitness guru + neither were you!

When we become honest with ourselves + accept the fact that we it’s alright if we don’t know it all, we open ourselves up to receiving the right kind of support that can get us to where we want to go.

Learning from someone who’s been in our shoes before- someone who understands where we’re at + what exactly we’re going through- is one of the most effective ways to reach our goals.

The reason why this works so well is because we get to avoid making the same mistakes that others before us have made.

We get to fast forward through all the strategies that have been proven not to work + we get to enjoy doing the kind of things that we know are going to get results.

Some of the best sources of supports are friends + family members who understand your struggle + who have faced similar problems as you’re currently facing in your life. There are plenty of free support communities online that you can reach out to. Or you can hire a professional to support you in your journey to bettering yourself.

[Check out my online fitness coaching program, Sustainably YOU!, if you fit into that last category 😉 just click here for all the deets!]


Everyone experiences seasons of life where they feel as though they have no control.

With the help of these 4 simple strategies, you don’t have to continue living defeated. You, my friend, have the power to take back control of not just your health but of all areas of your life.

Here to support YOU! XO- Britney (ms.fit.farmer)

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4 Simple Strategies That Will Put You Back In Control of Your Fitness Journey
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