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If I told you that all it took to get started with your New Year’s resolution to get fit was 3 minutes, would you believe me?

Really think about it- would you be willing to commit to just three minutes today and every day thereafter???

And would you truly see this thing through with me if I told you that it wouldn’t cost you anything to get started?

Perhaps it sounds a little too good to be true, but hear me out…

You see, I’m not promising overnight results- that’s not how this process works. What I am saying though, is that those three minutes, compounded over time have the power to lead to some pretty astonishing results.

Earlier this week on the blog, I discussed an effective approach to making weight loss easier.

In case you missed it- here are the cliff notes of that blog post…

  • Weight loss is the result of small, actionable steps.
  • We often believe weight loss is difficult + complex because the results are invisible in the short term.
  • When applied consistently, those small & actionable steps towards a healthy lifestyle lead to some pretty remarkable results.

‘Consistency’ is a key element of any fitness plan. And yet, we often overlook this simple fact.

That’s why I created this month long squat challenge- to prove to you that fitness doesn’t have to be an intense, ‘all or nothing’ lifestyle. Becoming healthy & fit is something that we are all capable of- no matter our age or level of experience.

Squat Challenge for Beginners

My own experience with a month-long squat challenge went something like this: I decided to commit to completing a minimum of 65 air squats each day.

Yes, air squats- no gym required, no equipment needed, nothing fancy at all, just me + my body-weight.

It didn’t matter to me whether all 65 reps were completed at once or divided up as long as by the end of the day all 65 squats were completed.

To give you some perspective- at a comfortable intensity, I can perform nearly 20 squats in 30 seconds.. so yes, 65 though it sounds like a lot, but in reality, it took me less than 3 minutes of my day to complete.

That’s three minutes I spent squating while watching T.V., or while waiting on dinner to cook, or while on break at work. Anywhere i had just a little bit of space to crank out squats, I would.

You know what happened?

Those seemingly insignificant 3 minutes each day added up to BIG results.

In one month alone I completed nearly 2000 squats.

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In all honesty, that blows my mind. Had you told me to crank out all 2000 squats at once, I probably would have rolled my eyes at you and made some snide comment.

What’s more, I can guarantee that I would NOT have made it a habit to perform 2000 squats each day after that. No, most certainly my fitness journey would have ended right then and there (after only one day…) – defeating the purpose of pursuing an active lifestyle in the first place, eh?

Consistency works, friends.

I encourage you to harness the power of consistency in your own lives. That’s why I’m giving you you’re own squat challenge to complete!


  1. Download + Print your very own copy of this One-Month Squat Challenge
  2. Hang it on your fridge or somewhere you’ll see it everyday!
  3. Squat! Each day I’ll give you a new number of squats to work up to. Divide the reps up any which way you see fit! Remember- no need to add weight here, air squats are plenty effective.
  4. For extra support + encouragement- Join us in our Private FB Group! [Healthy Living for the Modern Woman] is a community designed to help you stay accountable while you pursue your health + fitness goals! It’s full of some pretty amazing women- won’t you join us?
  5. Share this challenge with a friend- because in reality, we truly are #strongertogether.

That’s it! It’s really that simple.

What are you waiting for? Enter your email below to get your own copy delivered right to your inbox.

Here to support YOU! XO- Britney (

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Get Started: 28-Day Squat Challenge (FREE!)
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