Finding the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss: 5 Factors to Consider

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The Health Benefits of Protein for Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Protein for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight- the single most important nutrient in a women’s diet is PROTEIN. Yet the majority of us consume far below the recommended daily minimum requirement. If you’re tired of feeling hungry and deprived every time you try + shed a little weight; or if you want more insight on how … Read more

Post Workout Nutrition that Will Enhance Your Weight Loss Results

Post Workout Supplements for Women

It’s no secret that when it comes to weight loss, patience is necessary. Still, it’s hard to come by… Even though we know change doesn’t happen overnight, that doesn’t stop up from wanting to see results in our physiques almost immediately (am I right?). So, as a personal trainer, it boggles my mind to see … Read more